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Published on Nov 20, 2012 by Terence Chatmon

FCCI/Christ@Work Groups-Teaching and Fellowship, Breaking bread and Prayer was the model for the early Church (Acts 2:42). Participatory learning is far more effective than lecture, as modeled by Jesus with the disciples; it is our template for FCCI Business Leadership Groups.

FCCI is a community of business leaders working together to transform the world through business. Members gather weekly or monthly to encourage and equip each other to pursue God’s purposes for our lives and our businesses. By providing an environment of accountability and authenticity among peers, members learn to apply biblical principles in every area of our lives. In addition, we benefit enormously from the wisdom and experience of those gathered around the table with us. The result: we are transformed as leaders, our businesses are transformed, and that transformation touches our sphere of influence.

Barna Group, “The recent election demonstrated the increasing power of Hispanic Americans. Today, Latinos represent nearly one out of every six adults in the U.S. and projections show this number continuing to grow.

With these shifting demographics in mind, Barna Group is launching Barna: Hispanics—a new research division focusing on this audience. It will provide ongoing snapshots of today’s U.S. Hispanics and the real-life issues they are facing.

Perhaps more than ever, the values, beliefs, behaviors and worldviews of Hispanics affect the contours of American life. Understanding Latinos and their impact is important for anyone interested in thoughtfully engaging with cultural, social and spiritual trends.

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FCCI is interested in connecting with the Hispanic marketplace leader!

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