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Let’s Reach New Heights! | 2016 Ministry Update

Published on Nov 29, 2016 by Elisa Nash

Every day I rejoice because we battle for something bigger than us. We battle for the Gospel, the good news of what God has done for us through the life, death, resurrection, ascension and reign of Jesus.

Our vision, to transform the world through Christ, one company leader at a time is huge. It’s too big for us alone, but God is giving us favor to be a vessel of transformation for His glory. This purpose and mission humbles us.

FCCI’s measure of ‘success’ is always transformation, and throughout the year we receive hundreds of stories of transformation. Stories come through each of the ways FCCI is called to equip and encourage you – and at the end of this letter, I’d like to share three stories that represent that transformation. These stories will give you a window into how God is working through FCCI to impact lives for Christ.

As we come to the end of an amazing year, I’d like to share some highlights and give you a glimpse into what God is calling FCCI to in 2017. Together, we can reach new heights.

2016 Highlights:

  • Transformational material and content – more than 990 new hours of resources for you and your teams
  • Transformational Business Leaders Conference – at least seven people came to Christ, we were blessed with incredible speakers, and business leaders from around the world prayed, thirsting for righteousness together. 
  • A record number of new Business Leadership Groups are forming in the United States and worldwide with international expansion in the Middle East, Malaysia, Brazil, and opportunities in Hong Kong, Africa, Asia, Paraguay, Australia, South Africa and many other locations.
  • Transformational leadership training through our newly refreshed Group Leadership Training workshop
  • FCCI piloted our first targeted radio media campaign with great success

Looking around the corner to 2017, I’m excited about multiplying the impact of FCCI through:

  • Expansion of our media campaign – so more can be blessed!
  • Healthy international growth and domestic growth
  • Growing our library of materials posted on FCCI’s website – already over 4900 hours posted in the last five years
  • More Envisioning Sessions across the nation to bring awareness of what God is doing through FCCI
  • Another transformational Business Leaders Conference in September of 2017
  • Museum of the Bible partnership and the Golden ticket campaign – come celebrate with us in November of 2017

We exist to serve you, connect with you, equip, and encourage you. Today, I’m inviting you to be a part of something bigger than you, and then watch the blessing multiply. Before year end, we need to raise $279,000 to finish strong and go into 2017 ready for impact. Click here to donate now.

Read the stories below, and know that your involvement and your gifts matter. Help us help you honor God with your life and your business.

Together, let’s reach new heights of impact in 2017 and transform the nations for Christ, one company leader at a time.

Serving with you,



Gary Williams, Greenbelt, MDJust last night I was visiting one of our hotels with a missionary that my wife and I support.  We started talking to the lady who handles our food and beverage quick-serve counter.  She knew me and I introduced my friend as a missionary.  She immediately started talking about the fact that she knew something was missing in her life.  We spent considerable time sharing the gospel with her.  She was in tears.  She knew she needed to accept God’s gift but was unable to.  She told us her relationship to her boyfriend was holding her back.  Fortunately my church is not far away.  We encouraged her to attend one of the services.  I gave her a card about our church that says “God’s Crazy About You” on the front.I prayed that very morning that God would put me in front of people who needed to hear his message.  He answered that prayer.  We are praying she’ll open her heart to Him.  God is speaking to people’s hearts all around us.  We just need to be willing to engage people and find out whom God is talking to and join in the conversation.


Reid Warner, Albuquerque, NMSo here I am in Lima with my friend Cesar Merino, he is translating for me into Spanish during a recent mission trip with Joni and Friends, Wheels for the World.Cesar lives in California but I met Cesar two years ago in Lima, right after the 2014 FCCI Business Leaders Conference in Amelia Island. Conference participants had just been instructed on how to use the FCCI Pocket Testament which has a “Bridge to Christ” diagram in the front of it.

In my broken Spanish God led me to share the hope of the Gospel with him. The Holy Spirit led Him to Christ that day two years ago. Cesar has passed that booklet around his family, and in the last two years, has led 5 family members to Christ. Just three weeks ago Cesar led a taxi cab driver to Christ. What a joy to see others accept the love, forgiveness and LIFE of Christ! 

God has also allowed me to be part of leading three other people to Christ since then, in my office, with the FCCI Pocket Testament.

Jeremiah 29:7 (ESV) “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

Whether in Lima Peru or Albuquerque NM, whether in English or in Spanish, the FCCI Pocket Testament is a great tool to advance the Kingdom of God!


Ricky Russ Jr, Portland, OR

It’s interesting to me that Jesus appointed Judas as Treasurer knowing he’d betray him for money.

God gave me the opportunity to be Jesus to someone.

I had a laptop that was dying and I needed all the data copied to a thumb drive before it completely died. So, I took my laptop to this guy who had technical experience and I paid him to retrieve all the data for me.

This guy had recently been arrested and charged with ID Theft for making a fake ID on his laptop, and was also charged with possession of Meth as well.

(For the record: I knew of his charges before we met for coffee.)

When we met up, I offered him the project, paid him in advance, and told him that what he did in the past … is in the past!

Come to find out (after he accepted the project and we talked for a bit) that two months previous he was homeless and hopeless.

He kept thanking me because he was broke and was struggling to find work. As he rode off on his bike carrying my bag with my laptop, he also unknowingly rode off with a brand new Bible that I had placed in the bag for him. FYI: My FCCI group leader supplies me with new Bibles to hand out as I go. 
Two hours later, Matt texts me:


Then the next day he texts me:


We must love people like Jesus did and does. We must look past their past as if they never sinned or were ever convicted.

Jesus loved, knowing betrayal was around the corner. For us there’s a 50/50 chance people will betray us and yet we still hold back at times because of what we know.

In order for someone to make the RIGHT choice, they have to be given an opportunity to make the WRONG choice – otherwise, it’s not a choice!



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