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The Inspired Leader

Published on Aug 5, 2012 by Terence Chatmon

Weekday Spiritual Oasis Bestselling Author and speaker Richard Blackaby offers readers in the workplace a way to replenish their faith “If you were to ask me where I see God at work today,” writes

Richard Blackaby, acclaimed speaker and bestselling co-author, with his father Henry Blackaby, of Experiencing God, “I would tell you, ‘In the marketplace.’” This observation has birthed his newest book The Inspired Leader: 101 Biblical Reflections for Becoming a Person of Influence (August 2012, Russell Media), a compilation of 101 short stories and reflections written by Blackaby and numerous Christian CEOs who work for $100 million companies. Compelling, challenging and amazingly applicable, The Inspired Leader offers a “spiritual oasis” for business and church leaders.

Dr. Richard Blackaby is a prolific author and international speaker. He works with Christian CEOs of major companies, helping them follow God in the marketplace. Since 2006, Dr. Blackaby has served as the president of Blackaby Ministries International, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Saskatchewan as well as a Master of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Church History from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was awarded a Doctor of Divinity by Dallas Baptist University and regularly speaks to groups of business and church leaders on how totake their current leadership to a higher level.

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