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2018 Intl Summit COLLAB Videos-Page 3

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Giving Back Locally–FlashTalk
Bob Dalton
Daniel Bull
Practical Family Biz Legacy Lessons from Hobby Lobby
Bill High, CEO The Signatry [Christian Foundation]
The Leader as a Coach
Chris McCluskey
Build a World Class Enterprise One Relationship at at Time
Matt Bird
Ownership Transition: Independence for You & Your Company
Jeff Wernick & Mark Farrell, CFP, CKA
Automating with Technology for Exponential Growth
Darryl Jung
10 Common CEO Mistakes & How to Fix Them
Chris Patton
Millennial Mobilization
R York Moore
Cracking the Communication Code
Amy Norton
Legacy Transfer Panel
Russ Crosson, Bill High, Amy Norton, Jeff Wernick, Aaron Klopfenstein & Mark Farrell
Unbroken: Path to Redemption Producers’ Intro & De-Brief
Dave Mechum, Luke Zamperini, Matt Baer, Interviewed by Greg Leath
Sent In Power, by God’s Spirit to Your Jersusalem & World
Dr Kent Edwards
International Children’s Choir
His Little Feet-2

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