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FCCI Newsletter

FCCI Newsletter

No matter how challenging the day or season, God is on the move in the marketplace, stirring hearts and inspiring hands, feet and voices to be instruments of Grace by His mighty hand. Check out our newsletter for news and inspiration. Click below to download a printable PDF


FCCI’s fellowship delivers value through conferences, city-wide and regional events and leadership groups. Here are two powerful voices with timely messages from recent events…

FCCI equips and encourages Christian business leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives in accordance with biblical principles. We are a fellowship of companies that is strengthened by your involvement in our conferences, events and groups. Here is a sampling of content from a 2020 FCCI event. 

We pray these segments will bless you as you apply your faith in the workplace, build strong enterprises as platforms for ministry, and lead your company for Christ.  We look forward to connecting with you!

For more information, please visit  or call (770) 685-6000. Sign up for our e-newsletter.

Staffing Up to Serve!

These are exciting times for the largest marketplace ministry movement, FCCI.

At FCCI, Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, we want to reach the business leaders who truly believe they are leading their businesses for a higher purpose: for God’s Kingdom. We are in a position to reach our existing members now more than ever and reach thousands of prospective members! With our website, newsletter, blog, and new app (there’s an app for that!), and the upcoming International Conference in Miami Beach, Florida this September, we have an opportunity before us to continue to expand God’s kingdom one business leader at a time.

FCCI has some new faces as we settle into 2017. In February, we will be celebrating Elisa Nash, Executive Assistant, as she departs and readies to become a new mom.

We welcome three new staff members to the FCCI team: Kay Waters, Terri Kesler, and Jenni Armbrust.

Kay Waters, Executive Assistant

A native Georgian, Kay graduated from the University of Georgia in 1990 with a Masters Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She most recently worked as the Communications Coordinator for a mid-sized church in Atlanta. She is currently married with two teen-aged daughters and lives in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Kay and her family are active members of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Kay will serve as admin assistant replacing Elisa Nash effective immediately.

Jenni Armbrust, is a highly adaptive and flexible adult learning expert who is able to link course information to relevant business issues. Since 1986, Jenni has worked with managers, executives, and teams to enhance their leadership capacity and team effectiveness. Her passionate approach to course concepts creates an interactive and relaxed learning environment where participants feel free to become engaged and involved learners. Jenni’s specific areas of expertise include leadership strategies and competencies, strategic thinking skills, team effectiveness, coaching processes, and emotional intelligence. “We now have the training leader needed to strengthen our Kingdom Leader / Kingdom Company Model across the country and around the world.” Jenni is married and lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. She and her husband, Steve, are active members in their church and are involved in several local and international ministries.

These are exciting times indeed. FCCI is poised to serve our members in new ways and to reach those that desire to join us. Take part in our expanding journey by spreading the good news of Christ in your marketplace!

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Two Things You Should Hear…

1. What 60 million people are hearing – to introduce them to FCCI! Click here to listenFCCI is taking the airwaves by storm in major markets to spread the great news about how God cares about your business. Now that you’ve heard it, share it!

2. What people said about last year’s FCCI International Business Leaders Conference:

  • God glorified and Christ centered
  • I had a personal encounter with the Kingdom of God
  • COOL! A Ritz staff member came to Christ
  • Best conference I have ever attended
  • Strong fellowship
  • Good to have my spouse attend with me
  • Awesome plenary and breakout speakers
  • An abundance of resources available
  • Strong equipping and encouragement
  • Strong and inspirational worship
  • Very interactive and personal
  • High energy throughout
  • Relationship focused
  • Wholeness of life focused
  • Very informative

Now that you’ve heard, our 37th International Conference, Thirsting for Righteousness, takes place in beautiful Sarasota, FL September 18th – 22nd. Click here to register. And if you’ve already registered, be sure to invite a friend! We can’t wait to hear what people say about this year’s Conference!

Be sure and share with someone else who needs to HEAR! Share about the conference on social media, or share this subscribe link to help people connect with FCCI via our newsletters.

See you in Sarasota!
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Making an Eternal Impact

“Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Acts 2:41-42
What does making an eternal impact look like in a practical way? For those of us in leadership at FCCI, it ‘looks like’ tools you can use everyday. Sometimes we refer to FCCI resources as ‘benefits to membership,’ but truly they are our must have tools in our toolbox – and, they should be in your toolbox and in the toolbox of any Kingdom minded leader.

As leaders at FCCI, we talk a lot about FCCI membership. Do you wonder about the ‘WHY’ of being an FCCI member?

While everyone’s ‘why’ is different, for many of us, FCCI helps us leverage our businesses, our lives and our relationships to make an eternal impact. And, speaking of impact, a really big ‘why’ of our membership is because FCCI reaches leaders in over 100+ countries. On our own, we could never reach to all these places and into thirsty leaders’ hearts. FCCI continually reaches out and offers these tools in many different languages. Eternal impact is happening around the globe.  

Friends, FCCI offers full access to all the tools in our toolboxes with membership. FCCI also offers other equipping and encouragement free of charge. Have you visited FCCI’s new website? Please do and enjoy  exploring our new website! No time to explore now? Click here for a direct link to update your info.

Below are just a few tools and resources you’ll have access to through FCCI as you seek to make an eternal impact in your business, life and relationships. We’ve provided links so you can check out a few of them. Yes, we like to say these are ‘benefits of membership,’ but really, these are essential tools in our toolboxes as Kingdom minded leaders. It’s an honor to come alongside you in your leadership journey. Please don’t delay – what will be the fruit of your eternal impact?

Serving with you,
Your FCCI Leadership Team

  • Searchable library of Christian Business resources
  • Equipping and encouragement from our weekly blog post
  • Equipping and encouragement from our webinars on business
  • Discounts for our online Christian Business Entrepreneurial course
  • Discounts on registration fees for our International, Regional and Young Execs Conferences
  • FCCI New Members Kit – includes the FCCI book, A Walk in the Market
  • Business consultation from distinguished business leaders in the industry
  • Free Assessments – Spiritual Maturity and Kingdom Company
  • Relationships with other Christian Business leaders worldwide
  • Discounted resources from ourBooks and CD catalog

  • Participation in our Business Leadership Groups
  • FCCI weekly Newsletters
 to equip and encourage you
  • Recruit new talent in the organization by participating in our FCCI Fellows summer intern program
  • FCCI International Conference breakout speaker opportunities
  • Brand exposure to one of the largest Christian Business CEO and Leadership organizations in the world through Corporate Sponsorship opportunities
Register now for the 37th Annual International Business Leaders Conference!

Order your Speaker Streaming Video and Audio Package from the 2015 ‘Building Lives Together’ Conference. Click here to pre-order – available on October 15th. Get your special price today!

Our Vision

It is our vision that the world is transformed through Christ, one company leader at a time. Thousands of men and women called to make a difference– through business. What does that ‘difference’ look like? What if we could provide answers to the worlds questions about biblical principles in the workplace – turn the world’s unemployment to employment – bring hope into at-risk communities by changing their economies? What if we could care for our employees better than any secular companies?

We can build a community of Christian business leadership groups with a mission to see the love of Christ made known worldwide. We can equip business executives to make disciples who go and make disciples. We can see the great commission come true through how we do business.

Transformation is the by-product of the equipping and encouraging that we give our members – no city should look the same once an FCCI Business Leadership Group takes root. No business should operate quite the same once the owner is equipped and encouraged by FCCI’s resources. No FCCI member should be the same once they have been prayed for and have had the benefit of FCCI’s business forums, e-learning tools, newsletters, blogs, global conferences and regional events.

“Out of 100 men, one will read the Bible; the other 99 will read the Christian.” – Dwight Lyman Moody

Our Vision Forward is that entire communities should ‘never look the same’ because there’s an FCCI in the city. FCCI is a catalyst for that kind of real change, and we see change happen when transformed business leaders are equipped, encouraged, inspired and challenged. As I look to the future, I look at the past and praise God for what FCCI has a history of doing with excellence, and I anticipate the areas we can expand on for the future to affect change: Become a member of FCCI

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Sponsorship Opportunity

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Sponsorship Opputunity for the 34th Annual International Conference in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii 2013

All Sponsors will receive the following:

  • Distribution of collateral material in attendee’s Welcome Package
  • Feature in FCCI Newsletter, 14K circulation
  • Feature in FCCI Blog Post
  • Reserved table for 10
  • Thank you mention
  • PowerPoint Slide during Plenary

President’s Platinum Level (Eight Available) | $25,000

  • Full page ad in the Conference Book
  • Introduction at the President’s First Timer Reception
  • Four paid registrations to the conference
  • Golf Outing ‘Closest to the Hole’ feature

President’s Gold Level (Eight Available) | $10,000

  • Half page ad in the Conference Book
  • Two paid registrations to the conference
  • Spotlight feature during an early morning session

President’s Silver Level (Ten Available) | $5,000

  • Quarter page ad in the Conference Book
  • One paid registration to the conference
  • Coffee break sponsor feature

Deadline for Sponsorship Opportunities: August 30, 2013

For more information contact: Frank Vann | (770) 685-6009 |

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FCCI is a 501(c)3 organization. Your membership is a charitable donation that help us provide business leaders like you with the tools to transform their businesses into a Christ-first force for marketplace ministry.