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The Colson Center

Published on Sep 7, 2012 by stevecampbell

Colson Center for Christian World View [Distinguished Panel], The Mandate for Ethical Leadership in Business

SUMMARY: As business leaders we are really trying to transform cultures rather than produce a collection of ethical behaviors. The term “ethical” must encompass more than mere compliance with law and envision more than observance of professional rules of responsibility. It must encompass more than compliance with a company’s code of business conduct or fiduciary duties. The question is “who’s ethics or according to what standard”? Ethics are decisions made to resolve values in conflict. The easier decisions are when the values in conflict stand in stark contrast, good versus evil. It becomes much more difficult when the values in conflict are both good or as the numbers of impacted stakeholders multiply.

BIO: A legacy of Chuck Colson’s passion: “You look at America, and it’s a desert concerning ethics and morality. We’re in a dry time for ethics and morality in the US. And the average person is looking for someone who will say the right thing and do the right thing–say the right thing, stand for the right One, and do the right thing.” Eric Pillmore, Gloria Neuland, Al Erisman and Steve Tourek will be joined by Steve Bradford, The Colson Center. 


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