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Onboarding and Optimizing Your Profile and Experience

We are excited to introduce you to FCCI CONNECT [Powered by Mighty Networks], a safe place to build a Christ-centric community of practice through peer connection, events, groups, Pathway to Purpose resources and much more. You can have a vital part in making this online community great.

Use the following link to join and begin to unleash the potential for equipping and encouraging people in your group, your team, your church, your city and like-minded Kingdom focused entrepreneurs around the world:

FCCI CONNECT Request to Join and Logon Page Banner ^

To navigate through and from the “Request to Join” point, videos below will help optimize your FCCI CONNECT profile and experience. Your host is Daniel Higbie, a fellow FCCI member, International Board member and co-founder of The St. James Tearoom, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

FCCI CONNECT FAQs {click to expand}

Q. Is FCCI CONNECT a mobile app only?

A. It’s both accessible by any web browser and mobile app hosted on Mighty Networks’ Platform.

Q. How do I get the mobile app?

A. Access Mighty Networks iPhone app: Apple Store Mighty Networks App or for Droid phones at: Google Play App Store.

Q. How is this different from Facebook Groups, LinkedIn or other online communities?

A. FCCI CONNECT provides a safe environment for Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs to build a community of practice with eternally focused Christ followers. Most of the social networks increasingly hostile to a Biblical world view. AND, we don’t sell your information.

Q. I’m already so busy with my business, family, church and my group–Why add one more thing?

A. FCCI CONNECT can leverage your valuable time and open doors to grow your business as a platform for ministry. Business Leadership Group and Mentor/Mentee connections by geography, proximity, industry, career, personal and business growth objectives are all possible. The potential is only limited by your creativity and how much information you place on your profile.

Q. How can I use the CONNECT platform in my group?

A. You can deliver: Group content, group texts, send reminders, send zoom links, encourage discrete prayer requests, discussion, comments, selection of future content and a multitude of other applications.

Q. Can I limit notifications so I am not constantly being dinged with updates?

A. Yes, you have a multitude of options for limiting updates to your areas of specific interest, people you follow, groups or other areas of interest. The Adjusting Your Notifcations video below explains.

Training Videos

FCCI is a 501(c)3 organization. Your membership is a charitable donation that help us provide business leaders like you with the tools to transform their businesses into a Christ-first force for marketplace ministry.