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Short to mid-term resources for cohorts Advancing Faith, Work and Leadership through Biblical truth to yield Catalytic Leaders, fully committed to transforming teams, companies, cultures, communities & nations through personal relationships with Christ.



PIVOT | 3 Sessions| A business Pivot requires a clear trajectory, agility, speed and focus. This session explores what is required to navigate a successful Pivot to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing marketplace.

Grace, Gratitude, Guard

GRACE, GRATITUDE & GUARD | 3 Sessions | In challenging times,a gracious approach to others & our circumstances is foundational to listening and being heard. This session could enhance & enrich every relationship.

Caring for People

CARING THROUGH COACHING | 3 Sessions | One definition of love is striving for the best for someone else. This session focuses on how investing time & energy in coaching is a caring way to build strong people and enterprises.

Leadership Coaching

LEADERSHIP COACHING | 3 Sessions | Coaching leaders to their potential is mission critical. This 3 session series presents critical elements of a coaching model: 1-Relational Connection, 2-Strategic Framework, 3-Execution Planning.

V-Sprints | Multi-part Series

Exponential Business

EXPONENTIAL BUSINESS | 4 Sessions | Salvation is not earned. But eternal rewards are proportioned. This 4-part series explores powerful concepts that culminate in Jesus’ last words in Revelation 22:12–enlightening & invigorating.

Sacred Pace

Sacred Pace | 4 Sessions | Terry Looper’s journey with Christ as a CEO who pressed past the point of burnout by God’s grace. Experience 4 Steps to Hearing God and Aligning Yourself with His Will.

Business Excellence

Business Excellence | 6 Sessions | The marketplace rewards excellence, you know and appreciate it when you experience it. How do you define & craft it? This 6-part series defines excellence & processes required to build and maintain it.

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