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Are you a Master Inviter?

Published on Apr 12, 2016 by Elisa Nash

If you regularly attend an FCCI Business Leadership Group, you know how they provide an environment of accountability, authenticity, and shared wisdom where members learn to apply biblical principles in every area of their lives. The result: people are transformed as leaders and business owners, and that transformation touches everyone within their sphere of influence.

FCCI, the world’s largest marketplace ministry, is continuing to grow and transform lives. Want to know how you can become a part of this exciting movement? Become a Master Inviter!

The Master Inviter Process:

  1. Make a list of business owners/entrepreneurs in your sphere of influence that you would like to invite.
  2. Pray for your business owners/entrepreneurs.
  3. Call your list about 30-60 days prior to inviting them to your group.
  4. Ask them to take the Spiritual Maturity Assessment at
  5. Meet them for coffee to discuss their assessment and FCCI.
  6. Invite them to your Business Leadership Group.

Not an FCCI Member or part of a group yet? Go to today to become a member and contact us to join a group. We can help you with joining a group in your area or starting your own!

To learn more about how you can become a Master Inviter, sign up for the next Group Leader Training on April 21.


Submit a photo of your coffee session to for a free gift from FCCI!

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