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FCCI Fellows 2016…Are You In?

Published on Dec 18, 2015 by Elisa Nash

The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International is kicking off the 2016 FCCI Fellows Ministry, and we need your help!

We desire to reach the emerging generations through the FCCI Fellows Ministry—a summer intern experience involving the CEO and/or executive leadership team of an FCCI member company. We pray that through this experience, college students will have the opportunity to become more spiritually mature and more aware of marketplace ministry and their calling, as well as gain practical experience and develop skills to get them ready to enter the workforce.

We are expecting even more students to apply for FCCI Fellows positions than did so in 2015. That means we need at least 100 jobs posted by January 30, 2016!

What can you do?

  1. Pray! We covet your prayers as we prepare to place more students in more summer internships in 2016.
  2. Consider creating a summer internship position for 2016 at your company! Student interest this year far outpaced the availability of FCCI Fellows internship positions. We need more companies to create positions in order to meet demand for next summer.

Signing up is easy! Just go to to post a job.

So, Are You In? Download the FCCI Fellows 2016 Memo of Understanding and return it to

If you have any questions, contact Elisa Nash at or (770) 685-6000.

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