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Numbers that Matter: A 2015 Report

Published on Nov 4, 2015 by Elisa Nash

As 2015 draws to a close, organizations are beginning to report their numbers. Reflecting on our 2015, our numbers are once again exceptional, yet I know what truly matters is not numbers – it is stories. Stories that let us know we are indeed “building lives together.” Stories that tell us lives are being changed.

Let me share just a few stories with you:

From our recent conference:

  • A gentleman named Javere, a 22-year-old server at the Dove Mountain Ritz-Carlton accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior during our FCCI Conference. One of our staff met with him, led him to Christ, sent him a Bible and is continuing to follow up. Please keep Javere in your prayers. He is wondering what God has in store for him in the years ahead.
  • A conference attendee approached a staff member in tears, deeply humbled, convicted by Dennis Rainey’s talk, vowing to “make changes” in his life at home.
  • Another attendee dedicated his business to Christ.

From our new friends in Pakistan:

  • Greetings in Jesus name! My name is Nasir, from Karachi, Pakistan and would like to tell you that FCCI is the most powerful platform where people really change their way of living. Through FCCI, I am able to understand the word of God in the new way, a really powerful way, and now I have learned how to discern the will of God In my life.
  • My name is Zeeshan and I am from Faisalabad, Pakistan. Our city is the industrial city of Pakistan.I believe that God forgive my sin now and I am pure before God.
I thank you FCCI whole team for their great effort to preach the Gospel around the World.

We hear stories of blessing from our Fellows program, from within our Business Leadership Groups, stories of hope and healing from our FCCI members who partner with Chaplaincy programs. We hear stories of salvations from FCCI members like Reid Warner, our Albuquerque Group Leader, who shared how he led his friend Caesar to Christ using one of FCCI’s tools – then a few weeks later, Caesar led two other family members to Christ.

Friends, these are the numbers that matter to me. Yes, FCCI’s numbers indicate 2015 was another successful year. An amazing International Business Leaders Conference, new Group Leadership Training, a new FCCI Website, new Resource Material developed for Members, a new FCCI entrepreneur course, and much healthy growth – especially in the Middle East and Asia. But the stories that I hear are the heartbeat of FCCI and the real “success.”

For 2016, we want to get the word out about FCCI. In spite of all the growth, we have polled the public and the responses show we are not known among the nations. Both nationally and internationally, FCCI has a very low awareness rating among Christian business leaders. Friends, we need to change that.

Will you help us reach more people? I can tell you with confidence that all of your contributions are leveraged to impact the Kingdom and core priorities to bless Business Leaders, Families, Cities, Nations and the Next Generation.

Please give generously this year. Would you consider a recurring monthly gift of $250, an annual pledge of $600 or more, or a year-end gift of $5,000 or more? Please click here to donate.

Someone challenged me to pray for both a $500,000 and $1,000,000 giver. Is that you?

Your contributions mean that more lives like Javere’s and Caesar’s are forever changed, more families’ hope is restored, more businesses are refocused from worldly purpose to kingdom purpose, more international leaders hear that God loves them, cares about them and forgives them. More next generation leaders are reached; more business leaders around the world are equipped and encouraged.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to telling you more stories about the numbers that really matter – all to the glory of God.

In His service,


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