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Two Things You Should Hear…

Published on Jul 19, 2016 by Elisa Nash

1. What 60 million people are hearing – to introduce them to FCCI! Click here to listenFCCI is taking the airwaves by storm in major markets to spread the great news about how God cares about your business. Now that you’ve heard it, share it!

2. What people said about last year’s FCCI International Business Leaders Conference:

  • God glorified and Christ centered
  • I had a personal encounter with the Kingdom of God
  • COOL! A Ritz staff member came to Christ
  • Best conference I have ever attended
  • Strong fellowship
  • Good to have my spouse attend with me
  • Awesome plenary and breakout speakers
  • An abundance of resources available
  • Strong equipping and encouragement
  • Strong and inspirational worship
  • Very interactive and personal
  • High energy throughout
  • Relationship focused
  • Wholeness of life focused
  • Very informative

Now that you’ve heard, our 37th International Conference, Thirsting for Righteousness, takes place in beautiful Sarasota, FL September 18th – 22nd. Click here to register. And if you’ve already registered, be sure to invite a friend! We can’t wait to hear what people say about this year’s Conference!

Be sure and share with someone else who needs to HEAR! Share about the conference on social media, or share this subscribe link to help people connect with FCCI via our newsletters.

See you in Sarasota!
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